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Meet Allie

"...and  they lived happily ever after!"

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This feel-good ending has enchanted every loving heart. It did the same to mine, always!

What more can be pleasant than being so close to happiness and joy and helping start a couple their never-ending bond? This very thought became my inspiration for starting a wedding officiating business.

Hi, I am Allie – a wedding officiant since 2020.

Today, as I introduce you to myself, I feel proud and humbled at the same time. Know why? Because my small business has united many love birds to date, and this is never going to stop, I promise.

In the beginning, being an “integral part” of any couple’s big day stimulated me to learn all the key details of being a wedding officiant. I enjoyed it to bits. The major lesson I learned being a marriage officiant is:

“Love is love, regardless of any limitation. Every single marrying couple deserves to have the best possible wedding ceremony.” 

But, besides celebrating love, there was one more thing that had me start my career as an officiant. It was the rigid wedding vows that were always the same in every wedding I attended (so boring). The over and over again repeated wedding script gave me a nudge to come forward and do something the partners will really cherish.

After all, when each couple’s love story is special, why rely on an ordinary wedding script?

That was my time to go the extra mile, and here I am giving my fullest energies to tell the world your oh-so-unique love tale through your wedding script. That was the best decision I made in my career.

I am eager to collaborate with you and your precious to accompany you on your ceremony and fabricate that fairytale scene you have always dreamed of.  Let’s talk (I can’t wait to get in touch)!




At Allie the Wedding Officiant, when you work with me, you are totally covered. From the time you walk down the aisle to the moment you exchange your first kiss, I aim to take everything on my shoulders so that you two may enjoy your union like crazy!


I offer Weekday / Weekend Wedding and Elopement Services. I kick off the planning after getting to know the duo, the scope of the couple, their wishes, and values.  Hence, I develop the completely YOU-FOCUSED package by including the elements that matter for you.


Want me to amp up your wedding ceremony? I am happy that you two decided to marry and shall be excited to know what will make your world go round on your wedding day.


Contact me!

Spring Wedding


My mission at Allie the Wedding Officiant is to be the “chill pill” for you, celebrate your love, thrill you with your experience, invoke thoughtfulness, lift your guests’ mood, and make your wedding a stunning event your guests have ever been to. 


Marrying the sweethearts and providing them an intimate experience where the duo, their loved ones, and the beautiful memories make the crowd!  

Wedding Day
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